Rumours for Roberto Firmino Football transfer


Since this morning it has been long talking about Roberto Firmino, this is mainly because the newspaper of Belgium Le Soir has now appeared to have some juicy information regarding football transfer. Rumours for Roberto Firmino Football transfer. Though this newspaper has concentrated lots on their compatriots but the mystery morsel does not concern of one the Red Devil at all.

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As per the newspaper, Roberto Firmino has a clause in Liverpool contract he can leave the club if any suitor pays up £82m and that is eighty-two million pounds. But this is not the suitor for the Arsenal FC, who have specially kept away from the cut-esteem offer clearly as an aftereffect of a whole deal Anfield-focused strop relating to their attempts to snaffle Luis Suárez at almost no cost.

Other titillating fact in the clauses, Atlético Madrid cash in their bank Euro 250,000 every time Aguero scores 15 or more goals for Manchester City football club while Lloris gets around Euro 8,000 wining bonus that also comes with Euro 4,000 losing the bonus. Read full story here…