One Thousand benefited from Russian Doping


Professor McLaren’s report into doping revealed around One Thousand benefited from Russian Doping that sponsored by Russian Government. The report also indicates including football, over 30 Olympic & Paralympics sports were implicated.

The state-sponsored doping has been going on since the between 2011 and 2015, the report has been revealed.

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On Friday morning the respected Canadian Prof, McLaren published in London, that said it has found the evidence of male DNA in Russian female hockey player’s urine specimen – that also that the sample has been tampered with or swapped.

Professor Richard McLaren described that Russian authority deliberately involved into this doping scandal. Also mentioned, the London Olympic games has been corrupted in an unprecedented scale.

He also added it is very much hard to tell how many years this has been going on and how deep the doping situation remains in Russian athletic world. Read more.