Novak Djokovic wasn’t practising hard


For the past six months, Novak Djokovic wasn’t practising as hard as he should say, Boris Becker. The former coach of Novak Djokovic has admitted that it was hard and challenging and the Serbian-born Tennis player should’ve practised more than he has been doing over the past six months. Novak Djokovic wasn’t practising hard.

After a three year of together with lots of memorable trophies win both Djokovic and Beaker are parted ways on Tuesday this week.

The news came just after the loss of his world no 1 ranking to British player Andy Murray.

Speaking to Sky News, Becker said, it was an amazing three years journey with lots of Trophy winning success and we come to an agreement that we will end our relationship as of today (Tuesday this week).

But off course, we cannot erase some of the losses but surely we have lots of success that we can be proud of.

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