MOTD Match of the Day Magazine

What is Match of the Day magazine?

MOTD is the UK’s popular and best-selling football sports publication and the aim of this mag is to provide the latest football gossip, football news, super star’s interview including games, quizzes and fantasy football.

New edition of MOTD Match of the Day MagazineSo, what are the MOTD Match of the Day Magazine benefits?

There are lots of benefits that you can enjoy by subscribing to Match of the Day mag:

  • Subscriber will make great savings on the individual yet the best shop price
  • Very convenient delivery option doesn’t matter where you are in the United Kingdom
  • Amazing sports related competitions and special class poster available
  • All our subscriber will not miss any issue, meaning your copy of the magazine is guaranteed
  • Digitally managed subscription portal online

Stay updated with the latest football news and gossip PLUS, never miss LOL (laugh-out-loud) cartoons. Take out a footy subscription for your mad children or someone who desperately follows football. Up 30% off Magazine subscriptions if you visited via us.