Mercedes dominates Formula One.


As the money saying goes, Money talks and as we all know no other sports in the world talks money more than in the Formula One. So, how can we say, “Mercedes dominates Formula One.” Let’s find out…

Mercedes dominates Formula One.Formula 1, is the most spending sport in the whole sports world, with the lead Formula team spending roughly half a billion of pound or may be more just to chase grand Prix win.

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Yes, you are right, you heard correctly, it is £500m. or may be more and much more.
Mercedes AMG has been the most dominant in the last three years, and they will spend just over £700m for their next win in the season and this victory will give them fourth straight Formula One win.

The fourth winning bid for Mercedes starts on Australian Grand Prix at the Albert Park in the city of Melbourne.
In the Australian Sports Hall of Fame that related to Motor Sport, the Mercedes boss Toto Wolff appeared as a guest and confirmed the spending on Friday night. The other significant top teams, Red Bull and Ferrari; aren’t that behind at all. The tri-star Formula One team …. Read more at The Sydney Morning Herald.