Juventus Barcelona Live Text Commentary


Juventus 3 – 0 Barcelona


90′ + 4′07”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

90′ + 4′04”Attack by Barcelona

90′ + 4′00”Clearance by Barcelona

90′ + 3′56”Attack by Juventus

90′ + 3′54”Clearance by Juventus

90′ + 3′30”Clearance by Barcelona

90′ + 3′27”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

90′ + 3′25”Attack by Barcelona

90′ + 2′46”Free Kick for Barcelona

90′ + 2′44”Clearance by Barcelona

90′ + 2′26”Throw In for Barcelona

90′ + 1′44”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

90′ + 1′44”Free Kick for Juventus

90′ + 1′39”Clearance by Barcelona

90′ + 1′23”Blocked Shot for Juventus

90′ + 1′15”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

90′ + 1′12”Attack by Juventus

90′ + 0′51”Throw In for Juventus

90′ + 0′33”Yellow Card to Juventus for M. Lemina

90′ + 0′29”Yellow Card to Barcelona for S. Umtiti

90′ + 0′21”Free Kick for Juventus

90′ + 0′10”Clearance by Juventus

90′ + 0′09”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

89′45”Attack by Barcelona

89′25”Clearance by Barcelona

89′24”Throw In for Barcelona

89′10”Attack by Juventus

88′40”Substitution for Juventus – A. Barzagli on for M. Pjanić

88′06”Free Kick for Barcelona

88′04”Clearance by Barcelona

87′34”Goal Kick for Juventus

87′33”Clearance by Juventus

86′54”Corner for Barcelona

86′44”Blocked Shot for Barcelona

85′37”Free Kick for Barcelona

85′28”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

85′03”Attack by Barcelona

84′42”Clearance by Barcelona

84′42”Throw In for Barcelona

84′32”Attack by Juventus

84′05”Free Kick for Juventus

84′00”Clearance by Juventus

83′46”Attack by Barcelona

83′45”Clearance by Barcelona

83′40”Clearance by Juventus

83′24”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

83′16”Attack by Barcelona

83′03”Clearance by Barcelona

82′50”Clearance by Juventus

82′49”Attack by Barcelona

82′38”Clearance by Barcelona

81′53”Free Kick for Juventus

81′25”Corner for Juventus

81′05”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

Juventus player after scoring their 2nd goal

81′03”Attack by Juventus

80′40”Substitution for Juventus – T. Rincón on for P. Dybala

80′09”Goal Kick for Juventus

80′08”Clearance by Juventus

79′27”Corner for Barcelona

79′03”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

79′00”Attack by Barcelona

78′45”Throw In for Barcelona

78′26”Clearance by Barcelona

77′50”Free Kick for Juventus

77′48”Clearance by Juventus

77′20”Corner for Barcelona

77′04”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

77′02”Attack by Barcelona

76′48”Clearance by Juventus

76′13”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

76′09”Attack by Barcelona

76′04”Clearance by Barcelona

76′00”Attack by Juventus

75′59”Clearance by Juventus

75′41”Throw In for Barcelona

75′37”Clearance by Barcelona

75′30”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

75′27”Attack by Juventus

75′12”Throw In for Juventus

74′38”Goal Kick for Juventus

74′38”Clearance by Juventus

74′38”Goal Kick for Juventus

74′38”Clearance by Juventus

74′29”Shot Off Target for Barcelona

74′21”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

73′46”Attack by Barcelona

73′10”Yellow Card to Juventus for S. Khedira

73′08”Free Kick for Barcelona

73′07”Clearance by Barcelona

72′59”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

72′56”Attack by Juventus

72′52”Clearance by Barcelona

72′46”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

72′44”Attack by Juventus

72′42”Clearance by Juventus

72′34”Substitution for Juventus – M. Lemina on for J. Cuadrado

72′02”Free Kick for Barcelona

71′59”Clearance by Barcelona

71′30”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

71′28”Attack by Juventus

70′52”Free Kick for Juventus

70′51”Clearance by Juventus

70′01”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

70′01”Attack by Barcelona

69′41”Clearance by Juventus

68′28”Throw In for Juventus

68′03”Blocked Shot for Barcelona

67′17”Corner for Barcelona

67′11”Shot On Target for Barcelona

66′55”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

66′29”Attack by Barcelona

65′57”Clearance by Barcelona

65′55”Throw In for Barcelona

65′46”Clearance by Juventus

65′28”Free Kick for Barcelona

65′26”Clearance by Barcelona

64′51”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

64′51”Free Kick for Juventus

64′47”Attack by Juventus

64′29”Clearance by Juventus

64′29”Throw In for Juventus

64′05”Throw In for Juventus

64′02”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

64′00”Attack by Barcelona

63′33”Clearance by Barcelona

63′26”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

63′25”Attack by Juventus

63′23”Clearance by Juventus

63′01”Yellow Card to Juventus for M. Mandžukić

62′27”Free Kick for Barcelona

62′26”Clearance by Barcelona

61′54”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

61′53”Attack by Juventus

61′46”Clearance by Juventus

61′36”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

61′27”Attack by Juventus

61′22”Clearance by Juventus

61′18”Attack by Juventus

61′03”Clearance by Juventus

60′19”Corner for Barcelona

59′56”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

59′55”Attack by Barcelona

59′16”Throw In for Barcelona

59′12”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

59′12”Attack by Barcelona

59′00”Clearance by Juventus

58′45”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

58′27”Attack by Barcelona

58′20”Clearance by Barcelona

58′17”Clearance by Juventus

58′01”Throw In for Barcelona

57′59”Clearance by Barcelona

57′47”Throw In for Juventus

57′06”Throw In for Barcelona

56′25”Yellow Card to Barcelona for Iniesta

56′22”Free Kick for Juventus

56′08”Throw In for Juventus

55′53”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

55′51”Attack by Juventus

55′33”Clearance by Barcelona

55′33”Kick-off for Barcelona

54′39”GOAL for Juventus scored by G. Chiellini

54′21”Corner for Juventus

54′12”Blocked Shot for Juventus

53′52”Corner for Juventus

53′27”Shot On Target for Juventus

52′56”Yellow Card to Barcelona for L. Suárez

52′52”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

52′52”Free Kick for Juventus

52′48”Clearance by Juventus

52′31”Clearance by Barcelona

52′30”Shot On Target for Juventus

52′22”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

52′21”Attack by Juventus

52′01”Clearance by Juventus

51′05”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

51′04”Attack by Barcelona

50′47”Clearance by Barcelona

50′28”Goal Kick for Juventus

50′27”Clearance by Juventus

50′18”Shot Off Target for Barcelona

50′06”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

50′02”Attack by Barcelona

49′48”Clearance by Barcelona

49′44”Clearance by Juventus

49′25”Clearance by Barcelona

49′06”Clearance by Juventus

49′02”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

48′40”Attack by Barcelona

48′32”Free Kick for Juventus

48′31”Clearance by Juventus

48′00”Corner for Barcelona

47′49”Shot Off Target for Barcelona

47′31”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

47′29”Attack by Barcelona

47′23”Clearance by Juventus

47′17”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

47′15”Attack by Barcelona

47′02”Clearance by Barcelona

46′59”Attack by Juventus

46′49”Goal Kick for Barcelona

46′49”Clearance by Barcelona

46′43”Shot Off Target for Juventus

46′36”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

46′33”Attack by Juventus

46′16”Goal Kick for Juventus

46′15”Clearance by Juventus

46′05”Shot Off Target for Barcelona

45′56”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona

45′54”Attack by Barcelona

45′50”Clearance by Barcelona

45′36”Clearance by Juventus

45′35”Throw In for Juventus

45′21”Clearance by Barcelona

45′06”Dangerous Attack by Juventus

45′05”Attack by Juventus

45′01”Clearance by Juventus

45′00”2nd Half Kick-off

Substitution for Barcelona – André Gomes on for J. Mathieu

Half Time

45′ + 0’21”Clearance by Barcelona
44’23”Corner for Juventus
44’01”Corner for Juventus
43’38”Shot On Target for Juventus
43’31”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
43’29”Attack by Juventus
42’58”Free Kick for Juventus
42’53”Clearance by Juventus
42’32”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
42’28”Attack by Barcelona
42’07”Goal Kick for Juventus
42’07”Clearance by Juventus
41’53”Attack by Barcelona
41’37”Clearance by Barcelona
41’34”Attack by Juventus
41’18”Clearance by Juventus
41’13”Attack by Barcelona
41’02”Free Kick for Barcelona
40’54”Clearance by Barcelona
40’47”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
40’45”Attack by Juventus
40’40”Clearance by Juventus
40’09”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
40’06”Attack by Barcelona
40’03”Clearance by Barcelona
39’58”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
39’58”Free Kick for Barcelona
39’19”Clearance by Juventus
38’57”Corner for Barcelona
38’19”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
38’16”Attack by Barcelona
38’14”Clearance by Barcelona
36’49”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
36’49”Free Kick for Barcelona
36’23”Goal Kick for Barcelona
36’23”Clearance by Barcelona
36’15”Shot Off Target for Juventus
36’04”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
36’03”Attack by Juventus
35’47”Clearance by Juventus
35’41”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
35’38”Attack by Barcelona
35’36”Clearance by Barcelona
35’31”Clearance by Juventus
34’55”Attack by Barcelona
34’47”Clearance by Barcelona
33’56”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
33’54”Attack by Barcelona
33’37”Clearance by Barcelona
33’37”Throw In for Barcelona
33’20”Goal Kick for Juventus
33’19”Clearance by Juventus
32’54”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
32’52”Attack by Barcelona
32’32”Clearance by Barcelona
32’32”Throw In for Barcelona
32’23”Free Kick for Juventus
32’22”Clearance by Juventus
31’54”Throw In for Barcelona
31’11”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
30’52”Attack by Barcelona
30’22”Free Kick for Barcelona
29’51”Free Kick for Barcelona
29’51”Clearance by Barcelona
29’26”Free Kick for Juventus
29’20”Clearance by Juventus
29’04”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
29’04”Attack by Barcelona
28’44”Free Kick for Juventus
28’41”Clearance by Juventus
28’28”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
28’27”Attack by Barcelona
28’05”Goal Kick for Juventus
28’05”Clearance by Juventus
27’34”Yellow Card to Juventus for Dani Alves
27’33”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
27’33”Free Kick for Barcelona
27’20”Attack by Barcelona
26’19”Clearance by Barcelona
26’18”Throw In for Barcelona
26’10”Attack by Juventus
25’46”Clearance by Juventus
25’44”Clearance by Barcelona
25’19”Clearance by Juventus
25’11”Clearance by Barcelona
24’32”Throw In for Barcelona
24’27”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
24’24”Attack by Barcelona
23’57”Free Kick for Barcelona
23’50”Clearance by Barcelona
23’47”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
23’46”Attack by Juventus
23’25”Throw In for Juventus
23’06”Clearance by Juventus
23’05”Throw In for Juventus
23’02”Attack by Barcelona
22’51”Free Kick for Barcelona
22’42”Clearance by Barcelona
22’42”Kick-off for Barcelona
21’34”GOAL for Juventus scored by P. Dybala
21’27”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
21’25”Attack by Juventus
21’00”Goal Kick for Juventus
21’00”Clearance by Juventus
20’47”Shot Off Target for Barcelona
20’34”Corner for Barcelona
20’21”Shot On Target for Barcelona
20’12”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
20’09”Attack by Barcelona
20’07”Clearance by Barcelona
20’04”Clearance by Juventus
19’29”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
19’21”Attack by Barcelona
18’32”Free Kick for Barcelona
18’31”Clearance by Barcelona
17’57”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
17’55”Attack by Juventus
17’35”Free Kick for Barcelona
17’33”Clearance by Barcelona
16’52”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
16’52”Free Kick for Juventus
16’43”Attack by Juventus
16’41”Clearance by Juventus
16’07”Clearance by Barcelona
16’04”Shot On Target for Juventus
16’00”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
15’56”Attack by Juventus
15’53”Clearance by Juventus
15’49”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
15’49”Free Kick for Barcelona
15’45”Attack by Barcelona
15’29”Clearance by Juventus
15’29”Throw In for Juventus
15’10”Attack by Barcelona
15’05”Clearance by Barcelona
14’57”Attack by Barcelona
14’16”Clearance by Barcelona
14’14”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
14’13”Attack by Juventus
13’49”Clearance by Juventus
13’45”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
13’36”Attack by Barcelona
13’25”Clearance by Barcelona
13’14”Attack by Barcelona
13’10”Clearance by Barcelona
13’03”Free Kick for Barcelona
12’50”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
12’48”Attack by Barcelona
12’40”Free Kick for Barcelona
12’02”Clearance by Barcelona
11’55”Goal Kick for Juventus
11’55”Clearance by Juventus
11’49”Shot Off Target for Barcelona
11’04”Free Kick for Barcelona
10’52”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
10’51”Attack by Barcelona
10’38”Clearance by Barcelona
9’54”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
9’51”Attack by Barcelona
8’55”Clearance by Barcelona
8’23”Free Kick for Juventus
8’21”Clearance by Juventus
8’19”Attack by Barcelona
8’02”Clearance by Barcelona
7’45”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
7’45”Free Kick for Barcelona
7’38”Clearance by Barcelona
7’36”Attack by Juventus
7’30”Clearance by Barcelona
7’30”Kick-off for Barcelona
6’34”GOAL for Juventus scored by P. Dybala
6’23”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
6’20”Attack by Juventus
5’55”Free Kick for Juventus
5’46”Clearance by Juventus
5’42”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
5’42”Attack by Barcelona
5’32”Clearance by Juventus
5’29”Dangerous Attack by Barcelona
5’27”Attack by Barcelona
4’27”Clearance by Barcelona
4’27”Throw In for Barcelona
4’11”Clearance by Juventus
4’03”Throw In for Barcelona
3’58”Clearance by Barcelona
3’44”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
3’44”Attack by Juventus
3’32”Goal Kick for Barcelona
3’32”Clearance by Barcelona
3’27”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
3’26”Attack by Juventus
3’22”Clearance by Juventus
3’00”Clearance by Barcelona
3’00”Throw In for Barcelona
2’57”Attack by Juventus
2’46”Clearance by Juventus
2’42”Clearance by Barcelona
2’38”Shot On Target for Juventus
2’00”Free Kick for Juventus
1’54”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
1’51”Attack by Juventus
1’50”Throw In for Juventus
1’34”Clearance by Barcelona
1’33”Throw In for Barcelona
1’17”Free Kick for Juventus
0’55”Clearance by Juventus
0’55”Throw In for Juventus
0’35”Goal Kick for Barcelona
0’34”Clearance by Barcelona
0’22”Shot Off Target for Juventus
0’16”Dangerous Attack by Juventus
0’15”Attack by Juventus
0’02”Clearance by Barcelona
0’00”1st Half Kick-off
Game Starting Soon
Lineups for Juventus and Barcelona announced