Ivory Coast and Senegal Football match abandoned


Monday the 27th of March 2017 was scheduled for an international friendly match between African rival Senegal’s and the Ivory Coast in the city near Paris which was abandoned as the fan of both sides Invaded the football pitch and also confronted the players the local Media reported.

Ivory Coast and Senegal Football match abandonedThe report says a group of spectators of the football climbed over the fences from the outside of the football ground and the entered into the stadium just before the game began and when the game is started Within the two minutes and the score was the 1-1 goal. The security stewards in the ground really are struggled to kick the football pitch under control when one son appearing as tackling senegalais player Lamine Gassama at the Charlety football stadium.

French nursery Tony Chapman instructed the players to return to the dressing room before the game was abandoned full stop Centre
but this is the second time in the five years time the game between Senegal and Ivory Coast has been abandoned. Read more at the Eurosports.