India vs England – Latest update. India is chasing 103 runs to win where England on the brink of defeat.


Latest: India beat England by 8 wickets.

Previous version: The English team were all out for only 236 runs. And India is aiming to win this match and they only require 103 runs. But English team are playing really well until now but how long they will, they want to come out from their back foot. India lost their opening batsman Vijay for just 0 and 5 overs just been played.

The host nation really sent England to the verge of losing and England seems lost their plot. The full score as follows:

Team 1st Innings 2nd Innings
India 417/10 (139 overs) 24/1 (5 overs)
England – Third Test Match 283/10 (94 overs) 236/10 (91 overs)

Live match text commentators can be read here.