Hull City v Man United betting tips best odds


The game between Hull and Man Utd is the second leg match in the Football League Cup semi-finals and it brings the best odds the bookmaker can offer.


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Man United won their first game and they are full of confident. Hull, on the other hand, having the bad season. Having the ninetieth place in the table they are suffering from injuries and lack of good performances. In their recent match against Chelsea, their midfielder Ryan Mason had a skull injury; although he is stable but won’t be playing in Thursday’s game.


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Match name: Hull City vs Man United
Competition: Football League Cup Semifinal, Game 2 (EFL Cup)
Date: 26/01/2017 at 19:45 UK
Venue: KC Stadium


Manchester Utd is currently on top five in the Premier League table. However, they are showing their performances and really in good shape. Although they drew in their last two matches they remain unbeaten in the last 17 football games.


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When it comes to head to head analysis, Manchester United have won in five matches and remain undefeated in their last six games against Hull City. So, it is very much clear, Man Utd is well ahead of Hull City.


Jose Mourinho quoted, “They played very well against Chelsea.”


As Hull team are struggling with forms and injuries, there will be many players missing on Thursday’s match against Man United. Alex Bruce, Moses, Markus and Greg Luer are among missing player and as mentioned above Ryan Mason also going to miss the match.
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Man United on the other side is the full house, Eric Bailly who plays for African national team who will miss. Overall, it will be a great start for Manchester United FC.

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Hull v Man Utd match prediction is very much crystal clear, it is a day for Old Trafford team. Man Utd can win the game by at least 2 or 3 goals.

As Hull has issues with their form, they may rely on penalty goal if Man Utd make any mistake.