German Wehrlein replaces Nico Rosberg?


Who will replace Nico Rosberg after F1 retirement?

Could German Wehrlein replace Nico Rosberg?

Nico Rosberg’s sudden retirement brought the whole broken sky on Mercedes team head. The news is on, but who will replace this German at Mercedes? It is certain, whoever replaces Rosberg will be facing a big challenge in Formula One: collaborating Lewis Hamilton another Mercedes driver.

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Which only can underline what a great difficult unfortunate situation Mercedes team find themselves after Nico’s sudden announcement.
Also, this is a quite awkward moment for Mercedes as the F1 market for the driver being effectively closed for business around two weeks ago, when Manor and Sauber are only were left to declare their 2017 line-ups. This is what Mercedes chief Niki Lauda has said to the German media, “Because of this unfortunate event, all the top drivers are under their contract now”.
But the fact is Mercedes, a winner of 51 of the last 59 F1 races. Sky F1 pundit (Martin Brundle) jokingly said It will be very much interesting to see who replaces Nico.

Vettel could replace NicoIt was emerged this week, that when Lewis was threatened to quit Mercedes midway through the season driver Pascal Wehrlein was mainly set to drive at Hamilton place in Monaco Grand Prix. So clearly Mercedes rate this 22-year-old.
However, Wehrlein has another year of F1 under his belt, he now remains a novice at the very sharp end of the Formula 1 only after scoring a single point in 2016 for Backmarkers Manor.
Can either Vettel or Alonso be bought out of their current contracts?

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