Fernando Alonso to replace Mercedes driver gap


Despite Alonso’s contract with McLaren, he may be the next Mercedes driver, according to Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff. Fernando Alonso to replace Mercedes driver gap.

On an interview with Sky Sports on Tuesday, the Austrian said, “You have to consider Fernando”.

“Alonso is a talented driver and I respect a lot. He also combines speed, talent and lots of experience. He has it all. But he is currently contracted with McLaren-Honda and we just need to find our options”.

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On Monday, McLaren said in a statement, Fernando is happy where he was.

Last week, Nico Rosberg really stunned the Formula 1, and he threw a big hammer in Mercedes’s game plans for the year of 2017. But the place he left is the most wishful seat for in Formula One where Mercedes won nineteen of their twenty-one races this year. With triple Formula One champion team mate Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg only lost 8 Formula One races in just three years.

Although Fernando Alonso has been exchanging about, while other big guns are contracted with the rival team and they are very much unlikely to tolerate their departure.

According to McLaren-Honda, Alonso is however contracted until the end of 2017 and that has really triggered speculation that the gap currently Mercedes have may be filled by Alonso who can be a good partner for Mercedes’s current driver Lewis Hamilton.