Everton aggression crashed Arsenal


Everton manager Ronald Koeman thinks his player’s aggression brought a 2-1 win on Tuesday’s match against Arsenal at the Goodison Park. Everton aggression crashed Arsenal.

Everton F.C. defender Williams scored the winning goal in the 86th minute for the team. Ronald, the Dutchman equalised the just before halftime. The goal gave a boost to the Everton team and helped to play very defensively.

Though Arsenal was dominant for the first twenty minutes of the match but Everton really took control for the rest of the match. The way they played it was fun to see and this is what the fans like to see.

They played face to face with more aggressions and pushed Arsenal to the edge of their patience. Everton started very poorly but they fought back as soon as they into the 20 minutes of the game.

Everton manager said, “My team played every ball back instead of sending the ball forward and that made it difficult. Practically, it wasn’t very good chance for my team against Arsenal but our player is too good. The bottom-line is if you go face to face fight with more aggression you will win the fight and this is true because my boys proved it right.”

Everton has been struggling since their early season and winning over Arsenal meaning they just won a game in their last 12 consecutive matches.

At the moment, the team is in the 7th on the table.
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