England misery a blunt warning for Australian Cricket


The current Indian One-Day series matches against England Cricket should come with a significant health warning for Steve Smith and Aussies India-bound test team: make sure stay away from television.


England misery a blunt warning for Australian Cricket


If the performances of hosts’ in the first two cricket matches are anything to move by, watching these disappointing matches could violently break morale and can weaken confidence with calamitous consequences before of the four-test series matches that set to start in the next month.
Recently England performed quite well in the both tests and also in the ongoing ODI series. However, they come off second to best despite all of that, where India shown commitment to possess the ability to subjugate any challenge that comes to their path.


England Cricket Team Tour of Australia 2017 Matches stats and Fixtures.


Before Christmas 2016, the team of Alastair Cook’s posted first-innings runs a total of 400 and 477 in each of the last two test matches. But still suffered defeats by a massive innings run difference. And the series was lost to 4-0.
In the New Year, nothing has been changed for the English Cricket Skipper Eoin Morgan’s ODI squad. Despite their 350 and 366 runs in the first two games, they ended up losing both matches. Continue reading this story.