Cricket Umpires can remove players from the ground – The MCC has said


The new cricket rules and law are coming into force from the 1 Oct 17, where Cricket Umpires can remove players from the ground. Also; the most discussing tethered bails will be approved to be used to protect players from eye injuries.

Cricket Umpires can remove players from the groundThe new law “Players Conduct” will give Umpires the power to eject players from the ground if they find misbehaving towards the competing player and/or the team for temporary or permanent basis; with five runs will be deducted from the opposition team as part of the punishment – The MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) has said.

The hardest part of the rules would be if a captain of the penalty awarded team refuses to remove the player from the ground, Umpire will have the power to award the entire match to the other team and if the both captains refuse to comply with rules then the match will be classed as abandoned.

The Cricket Law Maker MCC also merged another rule of “handled the ball” that offence with the “interferes the field”, meaning the possible of the number of the dismissal from 10 to just nine.

The tethered bails were proposed long before but the MCC paid heed after the career end injuries suffered by South African International cricketer Mark Boucher’s in the year of 2012. Stay updated with Reuters.