48 Team Football World Cup


Questions: How the 48-team will work and who is the main benefiter?

Update: 48 Team Football World Cup.


The International football governing body FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de Football Association) unanimously voted the World Cup from 32-team to 48-team, but how this revised football tournament will work and who benefits from this changes?

The proposal by the FIFA president Gianni was finalised on the Tuesday 10th January 2017, with the world best football tournament of 2026, will set to three teams in a group and consist of 16 groups. This is the first time since 1998, the changes have been made to the top notch competition that originally embraced just 13 teams, how this changes will work in reality and time to see who could get the generous invitation this football show case?

So, how this new world cup tournament format will work?

The Delegates in FIFA voted on the four types of options to expand the football world cup that includes 40 teams in total in a group of four of the five, but apparently backed up FIFA president’s choice of 48 sides in total in 16 groups of three and followed by the total of 32 team knock-out game.

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